Staff Club

Staff Club is an informal forum of the permanent teaching staff of the institution. It is constituted with an objective to promote positive interaction between the staff and encouraging recreation and welfare among them. The club organizes periodical meetings, family gathering and farewell functions for the staff retiring from the service. A staff tour also is organized by the club at the end of every academic year. The club collects an amount of Rs 250 from its members monthly. It also provides medical assistance to those in need. The club has an executive committee, with Namshad KP, Asst Professor of Polymer Chemistry, as the current secretary. The club actively participates in all the developmental activities of the college


Dr.Majeesh T


Mr. Namshad K P
(Assistant Professor)


Dr. Rajesh Kumar E R
(Assistant Professor)


Dr. Majeesh. T (Principal) : President

Mr. Namshad KP (Assistant professor) :Secretary

Dr. Rajesh Kumar E R (Associate professor) :Treasurer

Mr. Musthafa K S (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Shameer A P (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Haseeb V V (Assistant Professor)

Mr. Gafoor I (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Minimol VK (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Husain (Assistant Professor)