Institutional Distinctiveness


Objectives 1.

  • To promote research and studies on various issues and themes related to surrounding areas of the college.
  • To study indigenous problems and practices for suggesting recommendations for improvement, if needed.
  • To disseminate information and knowledge produced by the research centre to the local public.
  • To provide various forms of services for the benefit and progress of the local people.
  • To bring out working papers, research projects and publish books and periodicals.
  • To study the history of the locality and local heritage conservation.
  • To explore and investigate places of worship of different religious segments and its role in socio cultural development of existing community.
  • To use local history as a teaching resource for cross curricular work covering history, literacy, art, geography, tourism etc.

The college located in a socially and educationally backward area, has to play an important role in the progress of the local society by providing higher education to students from backward and minority communities. Most of the people do find their living by engaging agriculture and business. A good number of natives in this locality are migrated to gulf countries for years and this brought about significant change in their outlook and standard of living. This assortment of culture and its impact in bringing harmony among people is another area to be explored. So far no specific enquiries have been made to find out the outcome of pluralistic culture existing in this neighbourhood. Therefore, the teaching community of the college, besides fulfilling the formal academic responsibilities, is eager to take up various research activities and service oriented extension programmes for the benefits of the people in the neighbouring areas of the college. People are among the best sources of information about the past. By asking someone about their memories of the past we find out how they lived, where they lived and what life was like for that person. This also gives us an idea of what the region was like during a particular time.

The Practice :

Teaching community of the college who have research aptitude and interest to engage in academic investigation decided to take up a positive steps to initiate potential studies pertaining to socio cultural economic status of existing society and their past. NAM Centre for Research and Development brings together all the faculty members in the college irrespective of disciplinary boundaries for the research cum extension activities of the institution. Based on the decision taken a few teachers have taken up projects for examination and finalization of topic of local relevance.

Evidence of success

As part of the effort taken, a few teachers have chosen distinctive topics of their interest for projects and working papers.

Projects Undertaken

1. Narikkottumala-Vazhamala Kurichiya Community: Preliminary Study (2018-19)

2. Survey of the Socio-Economic Transformation of Tribal Peoples of Narikkottumala

3. Environment protection activities

4. Water analysis project

5. Flood relief programmes