Best Practices

1.  Title of the Practice

       Women Empowerment

2. Objectives of the practice

        1.  To make girls aware about the constitutional guarantees protect women and their rights.

     2. To create awareness of business innovations that accelerate women’s empowerment and its real impact on the             quality of life for women, men, families and communities.

        3. To prepare girls for self-sufficiency in terms of live alone and in group living in this diverse culture and tradition.

      4. To create greater opportunities for women to secure decent employment and income which ultimately leads to               social protection.

        5. To cultivate self-esteem and self confidence in girls.

        6. Building and strengthening partnership with society particularly women’s organizations.

3. The Context

Throughout history, the central role of women in society has ensured the stability, progress and long-term development of nations. Indeed, women play a cardinal role in bringing harmony and integrity in the family system and society as well. In the higher education scenario, eighty percent of stakeholders belong to girls and they are supposed to dominate all the activities in the campus. But expected desirable changes have not been occurred in the campuses primarily due to lack of initiation and leadership in them. It is high time to intervene and equip the women students in terms leadership development and organizing programmes exclusively for girls and ensuring involvement all sections in the campuses. Realizing the existing circumstances, under the leadership of teachers, Women’s’ forum in the college has devised specific programmes promoting women's sense of self- worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others.

4. The Practice

Under the leadership of teachers, Women’s Forum plan and execute multifarious events suitable for the target group. Periodic monitoring by respective body of teachers and students, ensure the quality and efficacy of the events and oral and written feedback obtain after every programme. This practice helps to have proper insight to improve standard of procedures in future events and programmes. Self-defence, Sewing and stitching, Capacity building programmes , Seminar on Cancer Awareness, Empowering through motor vehicle driving, Women day celebration, Honouring and recognizing successful women entrepreneurs are the few conspicuous events organized under this banner.

5. Evidence of Success

Pre and post analysis of every programme gives immense satisfaction to organizers as they see the dynamism and enthusiasm instilled among the participants. After one-month long training on self-defence, ninety percent of girls who actively involved in the training showed their prowess in martial art in their final demonstration. Besides, the way they behave and the sense of confidence they exhibit in the final presentation itself is an ample testimony of their commitment to the task assigned to them. Unlike other online seminars, seminar on Cancer awareness attracted good number of girls in and out the college. They actively involved in the deliberations and sought clarification on women health issues specifically on cancer at cervix and uterus. During Women’s Day celebration organizers could accommodate our own alumnae as role models and successful entrepreneurs. This was indeed an impetus for girl students to emulate and sharpen the skills in them. Earlier girl students were reluctant to participate in curricular activities of the college. To a certain extend their parents do dissuade them to involve activities complimenting regular curriculum. Once they have gone through a series of programmes of women’s cell, noticeable changes have been observed in their approach and it has well reflected in their attitude and action. All the programmes instilled a sense of positive reinforcement which would indirectly develop selfesteem and confidence in them.


6. Problems encountered and resources required

        1. Lack of time to conduct programmes within the tight academic schedule of the semester system.

        2. Mobilisation of Financial Resources.

        3. Lack of community and social support to conduct gender equity-oriented programmes.

        4. Hesitation from the part of girl students to participate in the programme.


  • Driving Lessons
  • Leadership Training
  • Self Defence Practice
  • Yoga for women
  • Sewing Training
  • Legal Awareness Program
  • Paper bag making workshop
  • Cancer Awareness
  • Career Guidance Program
  • Blood donation camp
  • Hair donation camp
  • Meet the women Entrepreneurs of NAM
  • Fitness training


    In Association with Bright driving school Chokli, women cell conducted a training programme in driving for the girl students of our college in both two wheels and four wheels. This programme was started as a women empowerment programme to make the girl students to master in driving skill and be self-efficient at any crucial conditions.



A Webinar on 'Women in Leadership: Life as an IAS Officer', organized by Women's Cell and IQAC on 13 March2021, at5.30 pm via Google Meet. The programme was organised as the part of the women's week celebration, 2021. All the students and Teachers from all Departments were attended in the function.




In the context of continuous molestation and sexual harassment against women and girls throughout the nation, NAM College Kallikkandy Women Cell Planned several activities and training programs to strengthen students physically, mentally and morally against any unusual circumstances.



On every yoga day the women cell organizes yoga practice s for the helps to enrich the mental and physical health of students. The trainers give special training for the girl students.




As the part of women’s day programme, women cell organized variety of activities. Legal awareness programme, motivation classes, debates, training programme, cooking competition, Honouring programmes, seminar and webinars were conducted In connection with international women’s day women cell of NAM College, Kallikkandy conducted a legal awareness class on 09 March 2020. College Principal Dr. Muhammad Kutty inaugurated the programme. Advocate Ms.Babitha Balraj, Chairperson of Child welfare committee, Kozhikode delivered the keynote address. She gave awareness about the articles and laws that are ensured by the Indian Constitution for the protection of women against various atrocities. This talk helped students acquire courage and confidence to face the problems.



In association with NCC and IQAC, Women cell conducted a webinar on Cybercrimes and related issues on 25th November 2020. Dr. K K Muhammedkutty inaugurated the function..Ms. Deepa A.S Assistant Director(cyber),Forensic Science Laboratory, Kerala police. Delivered the keynote address.



With the aim of making campus eco-friendly, women cell of NAM College Kallikkandy planned to make Paper bags and Paper pen to distribute among college staff and students. The training was given to girl students. Smt. Mini Madhusoodhanan gave training to the students.



Women cell organized carrier guidance programme for final year girl students. The programme introduced various carrier opportunities like job opportunities, options for higher studies in and outside the country.

Carrier guidance programme

Webinar on Cancer Awareness

A Webinar on Cancer awareness was conducted on 21st November 2020 in association with IQAC NAM College Kallikkandy and Malabar Cancer care Society Kannur. The Webinar was mainly aimed to give a general awareness on various types of cancers especially affecting women. They mainly focused on the breast cancer cervical cancer and ovarian cancer. Due to the increasing number of women cancer patients in our society this topic is considered as the most relevant. They began the topic with the common reasons and life style that cause cancers and followed by preventive measures and concluded with various types of treatments available as of now. During the interactive session that followed teachers, students and parents asked their doubts. The programme was very useful for all the participants.

Debate Programme


Women Cell conducted debate on menstruation and women rights on 18.01.2019. The Principal of NAM college, Kallikkandy inaugurated the programme. Smt. Sheetal, Assistant professor of PG department of English was the moderator of the programme. Students actively participated and argued their opinion and comments.

Blood Donation Camp

Women cell conducted blood donation camp on 03.02.2022 in association with NCC & NSS unitsof NAM College, Malabar Cancer Center Thalassery and Angel wing & Blood donors Kerala,Thalassery in connection with World Cancer day. Ms. Reena Varghese (Coastal guard sub inspector,Mahe) inaugurated the programme. This programme was mainly aimed to promote girls to donate blood. 60 girls and 20 boys donated blood to Blood bank of Malabar Cancer center.

Hair Donation Camp

Hair donation camp To help cancer patients who lost their hair during the treatment, women cell conducted hair donation camp on 31.03.2022. Dr. K K Muhammed Kutty, Principal, NAM college inaugurated the programme. Ms. Reena Varghese (Coastal guard SI, Mahe, Member of Angel wing, Thalassery) received the hair donated by the students. Seven students from different departments participated in the programme. This programme aimed to create humanity and mercy towards society.

-Hair donation camp-

Meet the Women Entrepreneurs of NAM

Women cell conducted the programme ‘Meet the women Entrepreneurs of NAM’ on 11.03.2022 at seminar hall. The students who play the role as entrepreneurs were honored in the programme by the principal. They shared their experience and happiness as entrepreneurs with the students. It was a proud moment that many students of our college are leading their life with a principle of ‘earning while learning’. We introduced them as roll model for all the students because they earn themselves for their educational and other personal purposes without depending on parents or others. In addition, they offer financial support to their parents from their earning

-Honoring Entrepreneurs of NAM-

Fitness Training

In association with Department of Physical education, women cell conducted fitness-training programme for girls on 09.03.2022 at gymnasium of NAM College. Dr. M K Madhusoodanan, (Associate professor, Department of Physical education) inaugurated the programme and handled the classes.

-Fitness training at gymnasium-

1.  Title of the Practice


2. Objectives of the practice

  1. To continue the project helpful to the patients and deserved.
  2. To ensure the continuity of the care and share programme .
  3. To keep the assurance given to the terminally ill patients.
  4. To add more beneficiaries under this fold of humanitarian gesture.
  5. To sustain the spirit and enthusiasm among the student volunteers.
  6. To ensure credibility and sustainability of the project among the beneficiaries.

3. The Context

Palliative care and share programme is an ongoing project which needs support from all ends. Though it started a year back, identified patients need continuous supporting mechanism to relieve their suffering. Students realized the predominance of this programme and it gained momentum in all sections of the society. This types assistance go beyond cultural and religious barriers and those who involve in this project develop sense of broader vision of extending genuine support to the needy. In contrast to the previous year, monitoring and execution committee decided to find some more terminally ill patients and they too enlisted in the beneficiary group. Besides, the volunteers took a survey of the patients to make out their financial status and categorized them in to three. The monitoring and execution committee supposed to ensure food for them as they find it difficult for three square meals a day in addition to medical assistance.

4. The Practice

As this is a continuous process the committee assigned exclusively for this mission devised strategic plan at all levels of execution. For this the committee ensured the support of college management, alumni and regular but small contribution from students. Students themselves initiated to collect within themselves and spread the adage ‘skip a meal and feed your friend’. In addition, student monitoring committee decided to put up collection boxes at prime locations in the college. These efforts together alleviated the strain of mobilizing the resources for this venture. Indeed, service of our ambulance in the name Cadet Anas was a boon for the effective execution of the whole system. At times we had to render the service of qualified and experienced staff nurses considering the typical cases which needs expertise in handling medical emergencies. A doctor consultant was designated to meet the emergency situation and to get proper advice, clarification and direction. The local self-government extended all support in the preliminary survey and further execution. They appreciated the college for this distinctive nature of work quite beneficial to the suffering humanity.

5. Evidence of success

The way our palliative team received at their residences itself is an ample testimony of this dignified endeavour. Similarly, the spirit and fervour showed by student volunteers during their visit to houses of patients was a clear indication of their excitement towards this act of kindness. The oral feedback from patients and their relatives, positive gesture of neighbours and nearby are the motivational factors to carry on the project in subsequent years

6. Problems encountered and resources required

  1. The patients were not interested to reveal their health problems.
  2. It is challenging for the students to monitor the health condition of the patients within the tight academic schedule of the semester system.
  3. Difficulty to find financial support.
  4. Unavailability of medical staff during the visit.


  • Home visit.
  • Visit to palliative centre and old age home.
  • Medical camp.
  • Supply of food and other essentials.
  • Training programme to the volunteers.

1. Home visit

The palliative and NSS volunteers visit the houses of patients and other old members in Thrippangottur and Chekkiad panchayath. The visit was twice in a month with health workers.




NSS students of NAM College stayed with the inmates of Thanal old age home for two days and formed a project named “THANALINOPPAM’. As a part of this project hundreds of volunteers stayed at THANAL. The camp was organized at the THANAL branch Edachery which is the home for mentally challenged people, dialysis patients and those who have no one to look after.



News Paper cutting- Programme at Thanal



National Service Scheme Unit of NAM College organized an eye camp free of cost for the Thriprangottoor grama panchaytah ward 11 and 12. The objective of the camp was to provide free eye and general health check-ups, and offer further free treatment for those patients who require surgery. The camp was organized with the help of AL Salama Eye hospital, Kannur. 4 eye specialist doctors, 2 Counsellors and one Camp Coordinator from the hospital led the camp.



The palliative volunteers provided food and medicine to the inmates of the palliative center.

Providing food and other essential to the palliative members