Language Lab

The Language Lab was established in 2017 for learning the English language and improving communicative skill of the students. Though the lab is mainly meant for teaching and learning process in the Department of English, it is open to all students of the college. The lab is equipped with 25 computers and audio-visual facilities.

The college has a well-functioned language lab that facilitates students to practise the language via computer-based exercises and activities. The language lab interactive courses provide a very different experience from the traditional system of teaching and learning English, offering more advanced features and functionalities. The lab offers the students a structured e-learning environment to practice English in an entertaining and interactive way to acquire the main language skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The effective use of the lab will enhance their active vocabulary and improve their proficiency in speaking the language.

The Language lab is powered by the software Thaliyola, equipped with desktop computers with high speed internet facility and audio-visual aids to refine the linguistic skills of the students. The lab can accommodate 30 students at a time and provide adequate facilities for effective teaching and learning of various aspects and skills of English language. Teacher in charge of Language Lab is Mr. Nasrullah Mambrol, Assistant Professor, Department of English.