College Rules

A. General Rules

  • Student are expected towear uniforms/neat and decent dress and behave in a polite and decorous manner
  • Students are prohibited from: -
    1. ✔ Entering the classrooms, laboratories, office, staffroom etc. expect then they are expected to be there.

      ✔ Loitering on verandas and in vacant classrooms.

      ✔ Smoking within the college premises.

      ✔ Damaging furniture and other college property.

      ✔ Holding meetings and processions without obtaining the prior permission of the principal.

  • Perfect discipline anddecorum should be maintained in the classrooms and in the college campus.
  • No students shall leave the class before the teachers leave.
  • For acts of misbehaviors, the principal may impose punishment such as fine, cancellation of attendance, withholding of certificate, forfeiture of educational concessions and scholarships, suspension and expulsion.
  • Students have oisubmit an undertaking that they areready to obey the rules of the college; they will not indulge in violence and will not commit crimes like ragging destruction of individual and institutional property.
  • Every student has to participate in any one of the co-curricularactivities.
  • A fine shall be levied on students caught for destruction of individual or institutional property. If the particular students is not identified common will be imposed. Studentsshould bring and wear ID Card issued by the college during the college working hoursand produce before the teachers as and when necessary. A fine will be imposed for non-compliance withregard to ID card.
  • No individual or groups are allowed to boycott classes. Boycotting classes or such strikesare prohibited.

B. Fee Rules

  • Tuition fee can be paid in full or two terms. Special fees and first term tuition fee will be collected on the date of admission.
  • If a student fails to pay fee on the due date, he / she shall be liable to pay a fine ofRs. 5/- along with the fees on or before the 10th day of the month concerned.
  • If the fee with the fine is not paid even on the 10th day after the due date, an additional fin of Rs. 10/- will have to be paid.
  • Caution deposit collected from the student will be refunded after deducting dues, if any, at the completion of the course or when the student leaves the institution, whichever is earlier, on production of the receipt.
  • If the fees and the fine are not paid within the last working days precious o the date of succeeding installment, the name of the students will be removedfrom the roll o the college. If he / she is to be re-admitted he/ she gas to apply for special permission to the principal with the recommendation of the concerned tutor and HOD.

C. Attendance Rules

  • No student shall be absent from his/ her class without leave.
  • The certificate of attendancerequiredbythe university for admission to university examination will not be granted unless the principal is satisfied that the student’s co duct and progress has been satisfactory.
  • Every student shall put in a minimum attendance of 75% of the total number of working days in each semester.
  • A student who is absent without leave for more than 10 consecutive working days will be removed from the roll.
  • Students participating co-curricular activities should submit an attendance eligibility certificate from the teacher in charge of the co-curricular activity for every month not later than 5th of the following month, to the tutor.
  • Application for leave on grounds of illness shall be supported by a Medical Certificate.
  • Students seeking exemption form the rules related to minimum attendance shall apply for condonation to the university through the Principal. Every application shall be made in the prescribed form. The reasons for each day’s absence are to be explained. In the case of absence due to illness, Medical Certificate has also to be furnished; in no case shall condonation e granted toa student’s more than twice during a course.

D. Library Rules

  • All the students of the college are the members of the library.
  • They are entitled to borrow books on production of library tickets which will be issued by the librarian
  • Duplicate card will be issued only on payment of a penalty of Rs. 25/-
  • Degree students can borrow 3 books at a time and PG students can borrow 6 books.
  • Books will be issued between 9.30 am and 4 pm.
  • Books shall be returned within a fortnight and renewal of books will be allowed twice only.
  • Absence form the college will not be considered as an excuse of delay in returning books.
  • The librarian may recall a book at any time even before the expiry of the period of loan.
  • Members shall not sub-lent the books of the library.
  • On no account shall a member disfigure or damage a library book. When a member gets a book form the library, he / she shall satisfy himself or herself that the book is in good condition. If not, the matter should promptly be brought to the notice of librarian.
  • A fine of Re.1/- per day will be levied, if a book is kept beyond a fortnight.
  • If the dare of return o the book happens to be a holiday, it shall be returned on the following day.
  • No students are expected to be in the library during class hours.
  • Students have to produce ID cards if demanded by the librarian while they are in the library.

E. Issue of Certificates

  • Application for certificates should be made at least two days in advance.
  • Conduct certificate will ordinarily be issued only along with the transfer certificates when the student has completed the course.
  • No certificate will be issued from the college unless the principal is satisfied wit the reason stated by the applicant for the issue of such certificate.
  • Application for transfer certificate should made in the prescribed form.
  • A good conduct certificate will not be issued to students who are found guilty of misbehavior.