Ladies Hostel

The ladies’ hostel of the college started functioning in 2016. Girl students from distant and remote areas of North Malabar are able to study in this institution only because of this hostel facility. The building was constructed with the financial support of UGC. It provides accommodation facilities for 30 students.

Chief Warden : Dr. T Majeesh, Principal

Assistent Warden : Dr. Minimol V.K, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Computer Science

Phone: 8547432460,9846669556


  • Entry to and exit from the hostel is restricted between 06.00 a.m. – 06.30 p.m.
  • Visiting hours 07.30 a.m. – 06.00 p.m.
  • Hostlers should ensure that appropriate entries are made in the movement register while entering / exiting the hostel.
  • Guests/day scholars are not allowed to enter the hostel rooms.
  • Inmates should occupy the rooms allotted to them by the warden and nobody is permitted to visit other rooms.
  • Keep the rooms and hostel premises neat and tidy.
  • Use of electrical appliances such as iron box, heater hair dryer etc. are strictly prohibited in the rooms. They can be used in the common place provided for the same.
  • Inmates have to mark attendance in the register in the night whenever they are in the hostel.
  • Overnight stay in the friends’ or relatives’ houses will be allowed only with the prior written permission of parents/guardians of the hostler’s. The hostel authorities will not be responsible for events happening outside the hostel due to the negligence of the student.
  • Going out of the hostel anywhere other than to college needs the prior permission of the warden. Matters like going for private tuition, project classes, attending functions etc. are not allowed unless a prior written permission of the parents is submitted to the warden.
  • Meals timing will be displayed on the notice board. The dining hall will remain closed after the scheduled time.
  • Admission to the hostel is given for a period of one academic year only. They may renew admission accompanied by their parent or guardian at the beginning of the next academic year.
  • Consumption of food in any form is restricted to the mess hall.
  • Use of mobile phone in the mess hall is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are to maintain strict silence between 9.00 p.m. and 5.00 am. Mobile phone should not be used during this time.
  • No student is allowed to stay in the hostel during the working hours/class time except with the prior permission of the warden.
  • Misusing the internet/mobile phone facilities will be dealt with seriously.
  • Any kind of ragging, intimidation or aggressive behavior from students’ part is forbidden.
  • Students are prohibited from interacting with the kitchen workers.
  • Students are required to dress neatly and modestly.

Violation of the above rules will lead to the expulsion from hostel.