Profile (A brief description): Department of Polymer Chemistry is established in the year 1999 as a U.G Department for imparting quality science education to the students, especially of weaker sections and minority class in the rural area. Department offers U.G course with Chemistry as the main course and Maths and Computer Science as complementary courses. It is a Language Reduced Programme (LRP) of Kannur University in which polymer chemistry course is taught in III and IV semester classes, instead of language courses. Polymers play a crucial role in present day life and hence, this course helps students to achieve scientific spirit and outlook through teaching and learning of polymer chemistry and professionally fit for the jobs in the industrial fields.The Department has a well-equipped chemistry lab and is also providing a certificate course in water analysis for the interested students.

Prof. M.K. Zahir was the H.O.D for 13 years until his retirement on May-2012 and who made an important role in the growth profile of this Department.It maintains an excellent record of pass percentage and produced many rank holders in the University Examinations.Till 2019 March, 19 batches of students have graduated from the Department. The Department is concerned about the environmental issues of the locality such as water quality assurance of the fresh water bodies by making use of the available facilities in the laboratory.

  • Desktop and Laptop facilty with wired internet connectivity
  • Well Equipped Laboratory facility
  • Dept. library for syllabus-oriented reference


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